~ Create Your Magazine or Tastemaker Blog in 6 Weeks ~

Always dreamed of having a beautiful magazine or blog, but have no idea where to start?
Struggling to rise above your competition and be seen as the go-to expert in your industry?
Need more leads in your business but finding it hard to be seen through all the ‘clutter’?
Want to be seen as a leader, a game-changer and someone that inspires others?

Here is the only course you will ever need to start your own magazine!

Being in small business can be frustrating and often lonely experience.
Perhaps you have been in business for some time and are just not seeing the cut-through you would like
in gaining – and converting leads.

I get it. As a service-based provider, I know how hard it can be to get noticed through the crowd,
to be seen as a trusted expert, and to be sought-after to work with.

And if you, like me, are a creative soul, then perhaps you have always dreamed of creating your
own beautiful magazine or tastemaker blog – one that gives you the lifestyle, the credibility,
the expertise and the platform on which to raise your profile.

Sometimes it can feel like you are doing all this marketing but talking to no one.

Sound familiar?

The secret to winning clients is the ‘know you, like you, trust you’ principle.
Magazines can give you just that.
An Expert Profile and credibility that is irresistible to clients.

The world of magazines holds such glamour, such excitement and mystique. It is a world that inspires, influences and provokes thought change in its readers.

In short, magazines and tastemaker blogs are one of the best ways to spread your message and influence.

In a world where gaining people’s attention is becoming harder and harder, you need a way to cut-through, be seen and be heard.

  • Imagine being positioned as an expert in your field by being the Editor of your own beautiful magazine – online or offline.
  • Imagine being held in high regard with your industry peers, readers … and potential clients.
  • Imagine being an influencer in the media; sharing your voice, your thoughts, your message to the world … and changing lives.
  • Imagine the glamorous lifestyle a magazine can afford you; travel, fine dining, fashionable wardrobe, luxurious beauty products, invitations to VIP an gala events, premiers and soirees.
  • Imagine being invited for public speaking engagements, interviews, guest content, television and radio appearances … all raising your expert profile.


Genine Howard ~ 13 Years Experience as Magazine Owner and Editor.

Over the past 15 years, I’m proud to say I’ve created, bought and sold numerous high-end magazine titles and turned over more than half a million dollars a year in revenues.

Becoming a magazine publisher and editor has been the backbone to my business and personal success.

I can categorically say that I would not be where I am today without my magazine background. They have been the platform I have used to build a reputation, a personal brand profile, credibility and trust. The majority of my coaching clients – both group and high-end VIP clients – have all come, in some way, from my magazine background.

My magazine career has seen me meet and interview countless celebrities, I’ve styled and directed over 65 covershoots, I’ve been named as Small Business Woman Of The Year in my second year of business, I have turned over multiple 6-figures, I have developed numerous magazine brands (and sold them for a profit), I have worked for global corporates to regional publications and now my coaching practice is thriving from my expertise recognition and following.

“Magazines gave me a platform to grow my personal brand, live a truly extraordinary life and become a trusted expert who attracts thousands of followers.”Genine Howard
This is why I created my Magazine Empire Course!
My life is now dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs live luxe lives and build extraordinary businesses, just as I have done.

I have learnt the golden rules to magazine publishing and this program will give you the insider knowledge of just how to create your very own magazine that can bring you as much satisfaction as I have had in my career.

Finding a way to build a list of thousands of loyal, engaged followers through content-rich publications – online and offline – has been integral to my success.

I know that the secret to being booked with clients and having an abundant bank account is leads and client conversion. So you’ll need an endless stream of leads and the ability to convert them to customers.

This Is The Power of Magazines and Tastemaker Blogs!

I have put my 13 years of experience into this program that literally walks you through every step of creating your own magazine.

I will teach you everything I learnt through that process:

The do’s, the don’ts and the mistakes not to make. In fact, I once launched a print magazine that was unsuccessful and I will teach you how to spot the signs before it becomes a financial disaster for you and how to get out quick with your dignity and reputation intact!

The Magazine Empire Course Will Help You;
  • Design a beautiful and content-rich magazine (or beautiful blog) that is a magnet to your ideal client.
  • Start a publication so you can build your magazine – and following – fast.
  • Create a revenue-generating model so that your magazine brings in revenue as well as leads.
  • Have high profile people begging to be interviewed and VIP invitations in your inbox so you can live the lifestyle you deserve!
  • Learn the business side of magazines so you don’t waste time.
  • Raise your expert profile to capitalise off your magazine platform to gain leads and convert them into loyal customers!
Start Creating Your Magazine Empire Today!

Create a beautiful business, a life you love … and a tribe of loyal followers.

This course is the only one of its kind as far as I’ve seen, and it’s easily valued at over $2,500! But right now I’m offering it for a super low rate.


“Doing your course has been the best decision I have made. I definitely feel very inspired! It was really brilliant!”

~ Tina, Lily Magazine

The Build Your Magazine Empire course will help you
start and build your magazine or tastemaker blog in just six weeks.

Develop your niche market
Choose your audience
Solve your readers urgent problem
Learn what makes or breaks a magazine

Design a brand that stands out from the crowd
Choose a name
Create a masthead
Develop a logo
Choose fonts and imagery

Logistics of Managing a Magazine Print or Digital (or both?)
Cost effective and reader-friendly print size
Write a budget and P&L
Staffing & Leadership
Hidden costs that can break a magazine

Editorial Plans
Flat Plans
Choosing talent
Dealing with PR agencies
Photo styling and cover shoots

Develop a Financial Model That Works
Develop your own unique financial model
How to price yourself in the market
Design a media kit
How to get a YES every time selling advertising

Raise Your Online Expert Profile
PR & Marketing
Social Media crash course
The power of e-marketing
SEO tricks to boost your traffic

This course has been designed for those starting from scratch, but even those who currently run a magazine or blog will benefit from my insider tips and strategies on
how to make your magazine run efficiently, gather a massive following and be profitable! 

and you will receive a
1-on-1 call with me to review your specific magazine or tastemaker blog!

During this call I will assess your idea,
your brand, your business model
and give specific information to build your own
magazine empire and raise your expert profile.

And yes, I PERSONALLY will answer all your questions!

Are You Ready to Build Your Own Magazine Empire?

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • 6 detailed modules packed with everything you need to know about starting and running a successful magazine or tastemaker blog;
  • Lifetime access so you can move as quick or as slow as you need;
  • Templates and Worksheets to create everything from budgets to production schedules;
  • Specific ACTIONS to ensure you stay on track to building your magazine in just 6 short weeks;
  • Complete Guidance through the process from idea to creation and implementation;
  • All the information and guidance you need to officially be called a magazine publisher!
  • BONUS! Two LIVE group calls with me to ensure you are on track;

Get ready to build your expert profile and attract bring in thousands of loyal followers and leads for your business.

It’s time to launch your beautiful empire to the world!


Magazines have been my life, my passion and my expertise. They have given me the gift of a respected brand and profile and in turn have created the beautiful, luxe life I live today.

I look forward to helping you create yours!

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