Where empires are built – forever eliminate the feast or famine cycle, step into your power and live a truly financially-free life. Join Empire Mastermind. Genine Howard CEO, Life Extraordinary

Build Your Empire. Not Just A Business.

Are you an online female entrepreneur who is tired of the feast or famine, no matter how much money you make?

Or would you prefer a sustainable business that has the solid foundations on which to build an empire?

Would you also like to learn how to raise your vibration and therefore attract a higher level of client, money and a life you could only dream about?

Welcome to my brand new EMPIRE MASTERMIND coaching program where you will up level yourself, your mindset, your money manifestation abilities and create your sustainable business empire!


Are you ready to build your business empire? Empire Mastermind is an open-enrolment program designed to have you thinking – and acting – BIG.

My goal for you in this program is to;

  • Play out to your fullest potential
  • Push through your financial ceiling
  • Build solid, beautiful businesses
  • Leverage you out of ‘time for money models’
  • Open up alternative money channels that work without you
  • Become a manifesting machine
  • Be on the way to be truly financially free.

Anyone can run a business. Smart, bold women run empires.


This Mastermind is for female entrepreneurs who desire to;

– Transform their mindset and vibration to extraordinary

– Become financially literate and move towards becoming financially free within the timeframe of the mastermind

– Focus on building their online business to ‘Empire’ status with growth

– To build passive streams of income so they can become truly financially free

– Raise their profile through PR, content marketing and possibly even their own TV Show, blog, magazine or podcast

– Make more profit (not just money people, but PROFIT) in their business

– Create a business that works for them rather than the other way round

– Learn the latest online marketing strategies.

I’m Genine Howard – a success coach and award-winning magazine publisher. And I am no stranger to building empires. In fact, in the past I have built multiple businesses and streams of income, had the gorgeous all-white office with the chandelier and team of beautiful, smart women.

And the something happened when I turned my focus on my coaching practice.

Somehow along the way I treated my coaching business like a soloprenuer – I rarely outsourced, I did most things in the business myself, and even though I was earning fabulous money, somehow there was nothing left in the bank account by the end of the month. I was experiencing a feast or famine cycle of money in, money out … and nothing to show for it.

The result? Stress, anxiety, no financial security net and most importantly… I was playing small.

I had forgotten what it was like to play big and create an empire.

Sound familiar?

I was OVER IT! I then made it my mission to build my business to a place where it didn’t rely solely on me. I changed my structures and packages, outsourced more and added in new money channels of income that didn’t use my time or focus.

In essence, I was back to building my empire!

In doing so I found JOY again in my business. I got financially-fit, my monthly revenue doubled – in fact I make more now in one month than I used to in a job in one year! And I NEVER thought that could happen.

I learnt the art of manifesting money, of mindset control, of raising my vibrational frequency and again, stepped into the role of a leader in my business and my life.



The Details:

  • A 6 month container to give you all the support you need to transform
  • 2 live calls a month with me so you can be personally coached
  • One private 45 minute call a month with me
  • Facebook group with personal access to me (in Office Hours)
  • Guest experts including;
    Branding photographer
    Brand designer
    PR expert
    Wealth expert
    Funnel and FB strategy
    Systems and structures including legals
    Financial literacy expert


You will get:

  • A detailed Welcome Pack so I can know you personally
  • A personal Dropbox folder with bonus meditations, wealth hypnosis, Future Self Guided Meditation and workbook, Find Your Brand Essence Playbook, my Personal Daily Rituals including a beautifully designed template for you to create your own
  • Full and lifetime access to my Lifestyle & Business Academy (training for new coaches and consultants) – 8 modules

Join now and add a BONUS 2 hour sign on call with me!

Joining will and build your empire

In the EMPIRE MASTERMIND I will be personally training and coaching you bring out your very best.

There will be regular live coaching calls PLUS private one on one time with me.

As a BONUS there is a 2 hour sign on Intensive so that I can help you map out your marketing strategy for the next few months.

Places are limited – if you are keen to hear more, you do need to hop on a call with me and apply as I am looking for women who are;

1. Ready to grow their business and personally;
2. Prepared to invest in themselves;
3. Be open to raising their vibration;
4. Ready to take action!

So, is it time you stepped up in your business, got focused and really find out what you are made of?

Come and join a group of like-minded women who are really going for it.

JOIN EMPIRE MASTERMIND – it’s an investment in you that will pay you back in spades. And then some!


For terms and conditions, read HERE.

What can you expect from joining EMPIRE MASTERMIND? Well, if you stay committed and focused you can expect to;

  • Understand where your blocks come from and how to eliminate them
  • Raise your vibrational frequency so you can move out of fear mode quickly and focus on abundance
  • Build the strong foundations for your business empire
  • Learn how to build a tribe from Content Marketing with your own magazine, blog, podcast or online TV show
  • Learn up-to-date online marketing strategies PLUS my tried and prove SIMPLE ways to market your business
  • Learn the art of selling with feeling like a used car salesperson
  • Become a better leader, have more confidence in yourself and use your intuition to help guide your success
  • Learn to be a better coach with skills that apply to all facets of life and relationships

There has never been a better time to stand up, to lead the way, to claim what is yours – including money and abundance. To live the best life you can, to create your legacy and your empire.



Absolutely not – any female entrepreneur will gain invaluable training that will uplevel ANY business and mindset. Know that everything we work on will be beneficial, plus I have loads of e-commence clients, fashion clients, photographers, stylists, TV presenters – you name it!
Defintiely not, sorry! The reason this program is 6 months is that we have gained a lifetime of habits and beliefs that need to be worked on constantly – and that is what we will do throughout the mastermind. Plus, I believe in creating a beautiful, cohesive environment where everyone feels safe so commiting long-term means you will make deep connections, possibly even friendships and collaborations!
In short – no! If you are committed to your own success you WILL be successful. It all starts with you! But I DO guarantee to support to my very best ability, to teach you, guide you, hold the space for you, provide resources for you, to love you and to take you on a path of healing, up-levelling and empire-building power!
Not for the Mastermind but if you think you need extra support then we can arrange additional sessions OR perhaps you may be more suited to me private coaching. Book in a chat to see what will serve you best.
Due to the nature of the Mastermind i.e. your commitment equals your success, there are no cancellations or refunds. Read more about our Terms and Conditions HERE


Book a clarity call with me below! We will work out whether the Empire Mastermind is right for you!


Genine Howard is a best known as a business coach, magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles and turned over more than half a
million dollars a year in revenues.

With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, public speaker, had a radio show and television appearances.

She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them confidence, branding and mindset so they can build beautiful businesses which in turn, give them a luxe, passionate, on-purpose life.

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