Have you ever felt called to greatness?

I, like you, always knew that I was on my path to my ‘greatness’ – my ‘thing’ if you will. I have worked as a biologist, a teacher, a tour guide, a sales person, a magazine editor and publisher and in more recent times, a success coach for women in business. And all of this has led me to finding and living my very own extraordinary life. And that extraordinary life’s purpose is to help YOU find yours … and live it out in every way possible. – Genine Howard

Welcome to Life. Extraordinary.

We here at Life. Extraordinary. believe that every woman has the right to live out her fullest potential so that she in turn, can leave a positive, impactful and powerful mark on the world.Genine Howard, CEO and founder of Life. Extraordinary.


What do we do here at Life. Extraordinary.?

Our mission is to teach and empower women to become influencers, change makers and the CEO of their business and life. We aim to give women the knowledge and tools to life out their greatest potential so they can show up as the fullest, most extraordinary versions of themselves.

Headed up by CEO and founder, Genine Howard, we offer VIP one on one coaching services, VIP intensives, self study courses, free tools and resources along with our soon-to-launch group coaching program like no other. This program is set to be the most profound game-changing program you have yet to experience, combining Genine Howard’s years of business expertise, sales & marketing knowledge and best of all, the KEYS to manifesting all your desire in this world.

And of course, Genine’s world would not be the same without a stylish (soon to launch) multi-media magazine platform to feature and promote other female influencers and change makers so that you can learn from the very best on how to create your own extraordinary life. 



Whether you are a coach, graphic designer, personal trainer, photographer, accountant, VA or other service-based business owner, Life. Extraordinary. was created just for you.

It is Genine’s personal mission to guide and teach as many women as possible to find their greatness so their they, in turn, can impact other women throughout the globe with an infinite ripple effect of positivity.

Genine’s one on one and group coaching programs all aim to empower YOU to build a beautiful business and brand you love and live an abundant, luxe life filled with time with loved ones, travel, experiences and all that you could dream and desire.

With a strong focus on building solid business foundations including business plans, goal setting, strategies, financials, implementation, marketing plans, online marketing strategies, PR, brand development, lead generation, effortless sales conversions, business systems and structures, raising your expert profile, Genine’s expert guidance is sure to have your business model set up for success. 

But most importantly, Life. Extraordinary. is about showing you the essentials to develop your mindset for success; to own your worth – to charge your worth; to be confident in your decision-making; to manifest your desires and goals and to reach your untapped potential. You will learn the secrets of successful entrepreneurs and be handed the tools so you can implement them and create your own 6-figure+ business.

Life. Extraordinary. is about living every day with ease, with style, with grace and with abundance.

And isn’t that something we all deserve? Absolutely!

If you are looking for a program that is unlike any other coaching program – one that combines the proven masculine systems, tools and structures to create your own 6-figure (or more!) business, with the feminine mindset strategies and easy-to-implement  tricks to ensure that you play out your life in the biggest way possible – that you too, get to live your extraordinary life you knew you were born to.

Are you ready to live your extraordinary life?



My journey …

For the past two years or so I had been running a thriving coaching practice part time, alongside my magazine publishing empire. I always loved coaching a handful of women one on one, but never really put much effort into my marketing.

As a result, my business ticked along earning somewhere from $1500 to $5000 a month. But somewhere along the line I decided to get real about my business. Looking at my profit margins, I saw massive potential in my coaching business compared to the huge overheads of the magazine industry.

Coaching not only made business sense, it made my heart and soul light up – seeing other women step up, own their worth, find clarity and direction and start to charge what they were worth and shine all the while doing so was more rewarding than words can say. I decided to move all my efforts into my coaching business, and when I did, things started to change … quickly.

From an average of a few thousand dollars per month revenue, within a few short weeks of focusing all my efforts on my coaching practice, along with hiring a high-end coach, I tripled my monthly income.

I now earn 5-figure months and have my sights set on 6-figure months in the near future!

My entire mindset and thoughts have shifted, and with that my physical outcomes have shown up with more abundance than I ever thought I could be capable of earning just in one on one coaching.

I found the KEY to turning around my story, and so can you!


Who is Genine?

Genine has a natural teacher and champion for women to create their own success. Educated to be a high school teacher and biologist, Genine’s career path took her to some of Australia’s most beautiful locations and adventures – she has been a tour guide in the Daintree rainforest, dived with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, lived on a coral cay with thousands of birds and turtles and educated visitors on wildlife for years.

She then traded her boots for high heels and entered the world of magazine publishing in 2003 … and has never looked back. With a natural affinity for building beautiful brands, sales, marketing and always shining as a leader, Genine saw major success and accolades in her magazine career.

To date she has headed up a publishing business that was sold for multiple 7-figures; worked for an international multi-media company and several years ago branched out to create her own award-winning magazine empire. With a knack for brand development, content, styling, writing and photoshoot direction, Genine’s magazine empire flourished.

To date she has created, owned and sold created five magazine titles (online and print) including newsstand premium parenting magazine, Littleone.

Her vibrant career has also seen her become a published author, have her own Queensland regional radio show and tour Australia as a public speaker. Life has never been dull!

All through her career, Genine has been a champion for women in business and has interviewed and photographed some of Australia’s most influential women including Em Rusciano, Jessica Watson, Catriona Rowntree, Jessica Ainscough, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and many more.

Today, her efforts focus on teaching women to live out their lives to the full – to live their own extraordinary lives. Lives that are full of abundance, style, ease and grace. Lives that leave a legacy and have a ripple effect on humanity across the globe.

With a young family, an award-winning actor husband and the time to experience life to the full, Genine truly is living her own Life. Extraordinary.

And now, yours awaits.