Have you got a fear of success?

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I have something to share with you.

I have been in Procrastination Land for the past few weeks and have found decision-making hard. I have sat in indecision on where my plans are for 2016 with major swings back and forth. I have been searching for answers here, there and everywhere. One moment I will adamant that I shall take ‘this’ path, only to find within 24 hours to have done a backflip and decided to go the complete opposite way.

And then I spend the next two days back in Procrastination Land … taking no action on anything at all.

Normally I am decisive, on target, on purpose and can give things my full energy. I am normally clear, determined, efficient and feeling energised.

However, as I am sure many of you will relate, I have spent a few weeks a little ‘off’ my mojo. My energy levels have been down, my vibrational frequency has been running low and I have just felt, well, blah.

So I asked myself what it was I needed? What was the one thing I was so desperately searching for? I also consulted my kinesiologist, my Angel cards and the girl at the check out at Woolies, to no avail.

Really, I knew where the answer was. All I needed to do was tap into my soul and get the truth of what was going on.

And my soul told me the answer. I have been in hiding.

And my soul told me the answer. I have been in hiding.

Now this sounds a bit strange when you may well have seen me on Facebook etc etc, however the truth is I have still been hiding from my full potential. Hiding in a world of busyness, to-do lists and just plain old ‘doing’.

You may also know this as a ‘fear of success’.

Yes, that’s right, I like many others, have a fear of success.

Now, I will reframe/rephrase this to, “I HAD” a fear of success. Today I stepped up. Today I did something that caused me to go into a white cold sweat and was something I kept putting off. I pressed PAY NOW on a coaching program that is the highest investment I have made to date and will be a game-changer for me.

By pressing PAY NOW I have committed to 12 months intensive training to bring me up to my fullest potential and stretch me in every way possible. The program involves me committing to four overseas retreats throughout the year (how darn exciting but also streeeetching as I need to invest in the flights/accom AND be away from my babies), extra study and committing with all my energy into ensuring I use the content to learn and grow to well beyond what I can ever see my potential.

In short, I have stepped up. And it feels fantastic! I feel like a huge weight has gone from my shoulders and instantly I have clarity over where I need to go, what I need to be doing and what serves me best. I am back!

Know that by you stepping up into your brilliance you are opening the door for other women to follow your lead.

So today, I ask you, where do you need to step up in your life? Where have you been hiding?

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