Are you wanting to fast-track your business? Are you wanting immediate solutions and strategies to leap forward into your purpose, passion and dreams … and dare I say, greatness?
Well join me for an intimate conversation in a full day luxury immersion experience where you are treated like the Queen you are. It’s all about YOU!

My VIP Intensive days have been specifically designed for women who are not yet wanting to commit to a long-term coaching program and want immediate results to see their visions realised.

It’s intensive and it’s guaranteed to get to the core of your purpose, break down your future direction into actionable-chunks, a scrumptious lunch, VIP treatment and finish with a crystal clear 90-day plan plus more ‘a-ha!’ moments than you can imagine!

What it includes:

  • A luxurious full day Immersion Strategy Session with moi sipping Earl Grey tea and served with assorted macarons and delectable delights, along with a superb lunch, Champagne (if you wish!) and three intensive sessions on you and your business goals;
  • My total and utter commitment, undivided attention and energy;
  • My clarity and years of business experience in building brands, businesses and magazines to cut through your business to see where you can find more time and more money;
  • Crystal clear direction and focus for your business to ensure it sits on a profitable, exciting and enjoyable business model;
  • A 90-day marketing strategy specifically designed for your business including clarity on your target demographic and strategies to move forward in your business;
  • A look at your life as a whole and strategies to give it a balance of abundance, style, ease and grace to give the you the supporting environment you need to THRIVE.
Discover your full potential and get the support and tools you need to go out and build your dream business.
Normally $5000

Full Day Intensives are the best way to move your business fast, get clarity and take massive action in your business.


Need to know more? Why don’t you chat with me for a free, no obligation session to see if the VIP Intensive Day suits your needs.


Genine Howard is a best known as a magazine editor and publisher who has created, bought and sold numerous high end magazine titles and turned over more than half a million dollars a year in revenues. She is now dedicated to helping other female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives by building beautiful businesses which in turn, give them a luxe life.


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