Build a business without hustle and masculine marketing strategies that no longer work!

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Hi, I’m Genine

It is my mission to show you how to lead from the feminine and build a business that speaks to your soul AND marry SIMPLE masculine strategies to grow a sustainable, profitable business femmmpire.
It’s about growing a highly profitable business that allows you to be free and truly you.


I used to think it was strategy that was going to ‘save’ me.
I now know it is radical self authenticity and feminine principles that really allow true wealth and attract clients.

You want to play big in the world however the old way of doing business (aka hustle mode) just doesn’t feel right.

There is a new way of doing business. And your soul can feel it. A way that is the most simplest way to make money, to serve and have freedom to be you.We will NEVER work the same way again.

The world has changed… and you have changed.

And you want it to be simple and do business in the way you feel called to it.

It’s not about strategy. Sure, it’s a part of it however it’s NOT the game-changer. Stop doing business like the ‘boys club’ do and allow yourself the freedom to do business the FEMININE WAY.

And I can show you how.



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When I started my first business – a media and magazine publishing company – I did business by ‘the rules’. You know the ones; hustle, work hard, never give up, there is no such thing as failure…

The result? For me, not only burnout by multiple miscarriages, damaged relationship with my husband and close to full-blown burnout.
Something had to give.
I finally got pregnant with my first child and EVERYTHING changed.
I began a journey of deep healing, of deep inner trust as a woman and as a business woman.
I tuned into my soul calling.

And with that, I sold my media empire and as a young family embarked on finding our true calling.
My husband became an actor. I became a business coach for women.
yet the greatest transformation was to come.

Through the last few years of building my coaching empire based on the ‘bro-marketing’ rules of launches, webinars, funnels, programs and online marketing I realised this. It doesn’t work. BOOM. I said it.
What I did discover is what really worked. And that’s where I come in.

Build a highly profitable empire based on feminine principles

With a deep understanding of and connection to the Divine, we are now showing women how to radically and dramtically shift the way they do business.

And make incredible money with less hours, less hustle and without the webinars, launches, complicated funnels and masculine hustle.

The feminine is rising and with that, a new way of doing business and a new way of being.

It’s all about the embodiment of abundance, style, ease and grace into your business energetic structure. It sounds radical and a little ‘woo’ however believe me, this is the future.

A way of doing business with full trust of self and inner wisdom. And it’s darn more fun that hustling!

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